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Italian Getaway

Following our wedding, Natalie and I were able to decompress from the hectic months of wedding planning, by spending a few days in Italy. Although both of us travel quite a bit here in the States, neither of us have done much international travel. Italy … Read More


New York

Back in August, my wife and I went on a week-long getaway to New York City. It was a first time for both of us to experience such an amazing city. The atmosphere, the smells, the noises and the people all make up a place … Read More


West Coast

Been on the road the past week and managed to grab a few days of fun with the family in San Diego.  We took a journey over to Coronado Island as well as La Jolla.   La Jolla is a pretty spectacular place and the sunsets … Read More


Idyllic Rhodes College

Chris and I ventured south earlier this spring for a shoot at Rhodes College in Memphis. Our sojourn into the deep south was our first shoot at Rhodes and we left with a sense of wonder at it’s overwhelming idyllic beauty. The four day shoot … Read More


Mike’s Latest Instagrams

It’s pretty clear by now that the Malone crew has gone Instagram crazy. We’re smitten with the immediacy of quickly creating photos almost anytime/anyplace and then easily laying down the post love. Here’s a small gallery of my images over the last month or so. … Read More


Quick Flight

As much as we fly I thought it would be a cool experiment and try a timelapse of our journey. After a few test runs on the outbound flights last week, we finally got an entire flight. So here’s an hour flight from Burbank to … Read More


Mutual Of Omaha Bank

Over the last six months or so we’ve seen a surge in clients requesting still and motion combo shoots. We crisscrossed the country to capture and edit these little gems. Mutual of Omaha Bank saw their annual report photo shoot as an opportunity to create … Read More


Compass Point, Nassau

This wonderful little resort is one of the most photogenic I’ve ever visited. Maybe this gallery from the Compass Point Resort will provide a little relief from your Seasonal Affective Disorder.


A Foggy Vancouver

Our frequent flyer miles were going to expire and we worked so hard to get those miles so it was time to figure out where to go. After hearing so many great things about the international feel of Vancouver, during the Olympics, that seemed like … Read More


Return from Ethiopia

The Ethiopian adventure has come to an end and I finally have some images edited. Check the gallery of some of my favorites here. I wanted to share a short video clip to give you a taste of some Ethiopian dinner entertainment at a restaurants … Read More


Ethiopian Adventure

My wife gets to travel for work.  I’m fortunate to be able to tag along.  The adventure is in Ethiopia, and six days into the trip the discoveries continue to find us every day.  Home base is in the capitol, Addis Ababa.  A visit to … Read More

More France Work from Geoff

I’ve finally managed to edit down my recent work from France. Check out the gallery of some of my favorites from our journey.